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JunPus launched high-performance thermal grease for LED

World top class manufacturer of thermal conducting materials, JunPus, put out its latest unexampled-designed thermal grease named JP-DL700. Traced back to the original idea, the invention was to be applied to High-End CPU. After being tried by a wide range of client, this high-performance product was proved suitable for the application to High Bright LED thermal interface with high temperature.


JP-DL700 constructed a new standard of product performance with its super low thermal impedance and reliability under the unfavorable conditions of thermal cycle, high humidity, and high temperature ageing.


JP-DL700 is made with high-purity thermal composites and exhibits excellent thermal conduction thanks to its finer molecular structure produced by nano-scale treatment. This production has high chemical stability, being non-corrosive, anti-oxidation, non-toxicity, non-volatility, non-flammability, and causing no irritation to human skin. It can withstand long-term storage, does not easily solidify, and can be readily implemented to the printing and coating process. Thus, it is very suitable for High Bright LED thermal interface.


As for the application to bigger gap filler pads, JunPus has developed a series of cooling fin JP-P600, which is  a high-performance thermal gap-filling materials, mainly used in electronic equipment, cooling fin and transmission interface between the covers of product. JP-600 has good viscosity, flexibility, compression performance and thermal conductivity, exhausting air completely from between electronic originals and cooling fins when it is in use, making it contact fully with electronic equipment, and raising cooling efficiency. Compare with general insulating thermal composites, JP-P600's self-adhesive feature makes product installation more convenient, which is easy for assembling.


"We are glad that we generalize the use of JP-DL700 in the application to High Bright LED thermal interface, which earned wide market recognition and high affirmation for its excellent performance." said JunPus. Since the thermal grease has outstanding thermal conduction and recoverability, a growing number of products are applied to High Bright LED thermal interface. Besides, JunPus will constantly invest in developing such products which meet market demand.



JunPus has a secret formula to prevent the advanced solvent-free JP-DL700 from squeezing out, drying, loosing or moving. Obviously, these characteristics are very important for the application of High Bright LED thermal interface, and they are able to keep thermal conduction from decreasing as time goes on. This secret formula is easier for coating in screen painting, although it is stored up or exposed to the air.


February 12 2015

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