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Thermal Tape

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With the help of latest technology, we are able to offer Thermal Tape which has a good adhesive, flexible, good compression performance and excellent thermal conductivity. It is one kind of heat-conducting medium, is the special silica gel sheet material, elastic and soft, can be cut for any shapes, uses between the heating element surface and the radiation component contact face, and may maintain the good contact reducing the contact thermal resistance the material. These are known for features like high insulation properties, chemical resistance and good bonding strength. Because it has micro-viscosity, before the operation, hands need to be dry and cleaned, so as not to sweat, dust and other debris glue, to affect its self-adhesive and sealing the thermal conductivity. Our proficiency in this domain enables us to manufacture and supply a qualitative range of Thermal Tape which feature light weight, thermal and electrical conductivity, flexibility, and more. It is a unique adhesive tape that adheres tightly at room temperature and can easily be peeled off just by heating. Its main features are thermal conductivity, insulation, wear-resistant, fire protection, micro-self-adhesive, elastic compressibility, buffer damping, thickness optional, color, adjustable, easy disassembly, reuse, environmental protection, easy to operate. Its transparency, light weight, thermal and electrical conductivity, flexibility and tear resistance are appreciated in the market. Not only this, we pack these in best-in-class packaging material and deliver the same to the clients within the given time limit.

JP-T180 series is a gap filled with high-performance thermal conductivity material, mainly used in electronic devices and heat sinks or product transfer interface between the enclosure. 
JP-T180 series has a good adhesive, flexible, good compression performance and excellent thermal conductivity. 
So that it can be fully in use of electronic originals and the air discharge between the heat sink in order to achieve access to the full. 
Heat effect increased significantly. 
JP-T180 Series also has a certain degree of self-adhesive, compared to ordinary thermal insulation material in the product installation process has brought great convenience, easy off, easy to operate.