Manual syringe assemblies

Manual syringe assemblies in sizes from 1ml to 60ml either graduated or unmarked. Select either luer lock tip end (twist on) or luer slip tip end (push on). Syringes are supplied pre-assembled ready for use and can handle most gels, glues, inks, grease, adhesives and other fluids.

Clear syringe barrel assemblies include plastic push rod and rubber wiper piston. Either luer lock or luer slip versions. In sizes 1cc to 60cc. Compatible with most liquids, pastes and adhesives. Low cost solutions for applying liquids. 


1) We can tailor-make the most suitable blisters for your products,Blister Box, Plastic Blister, Vacuum Formed Blister, Thermorformed Blister

2) Various materials available: PVC, PS, PP, PE, PET, color sheet, flocked sheet

3) Thickness: according to your requirements and usage