JunPus International Co., Ltd. is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter ofThermal CompoundThermal CompoundsThermal Compound Paste with a factory in Taiwan. We supply and export consistently high class products and continually improve upon the manufacturing processes and work environment through total employee involvement and strict adherence to fair business ethics. We have gained several patents in the field. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us. 
We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of which are engineered from the best quality raw material and are acknowledged for their sturdy construction and durable service life. During the manufacturing process, our expert teams checks the quality of the products thus we ensure the superior products to our clients. It is primarily used in the electronics and computer industries to assist a heat sink to draw heat away from a semiconductor component such as an integrated circuit or transistor. In electronics, it is often used to aid a component's thermal dissipation via a heat sink. We are best known for satisfying customers with the efficiency and long last lasting ability of our products.


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JPNS200 are formulated with Synthetic fluids and highly conductive ceramic fillers. These finely engineered compounds provide low bleed and solve the problems of contamination and migration associated with silicone based products. 
They offer better stability for a longer life cycle with high thermal conductivity (2 W/m°K) and low thermal resistance (0.014 °C-in2/W).

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 By using specialist supplied packaging, we guarantee all supplied components are to the exact mix ratio's. This takes away any guesswork or the effort and time to measure and weight out mixes. All packaged components are supplied in sealed packs with labels displaying health and safety data, material information, fill date and shelf life.


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1) We can tailor-make the most suitable blisters for your products,Blister Box, Plastic Blister, Vacuum Formed Blister, Thermorformed Blister

2) Various materials available: PVC, PS, PP, PE, PET, color sheet, flocked sheet

3) Thickness: according to your requirements and usage 

JP-T180 series is a gap filled with high-performance thermal conductivity material, mainly used in electronic devices and heat sinks or product transfer interface between the enclosure. 
JP-T180 series has a good adhesive, flexible, good compression performance and excellent thermal conductivity. 
So that it can be fully in use of electronic originals and the air discharge between the heat sink in order to achieve access to the full. 
Heat effect increased significantly. 
JP-T180 Series also has a certain degree of self-adhesive, compared to ordinary thermal insulation material in the product installation process has brought great convenience, easy off, easy to operate.

JP-D-Series is a top-quality heat sink compound product developed most recently by Russian nano technology. 

Made with high purity thermal conducting materials, JP-D-Series exhibits excellent thermal conduction thanks to its

finer molecular structure produced by nanoscale treatment. 

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