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If you have never built a computer there is a fair chance you have no idea what thermal paste is. Also referred to as thermal Grease, thermal compound and “oh really?, I hope that doesn’t stain”. “Thermal Conductivity compound” as JunPus calls it, is the heat conductive material that serves as the physical intermediary between your cooler and your CPU.


 Thermal paste is quite literally the first line of defense in the WAR on heat. I prefer to think of my thermal compound as Special Forces. It operates best with a small tactical insertion working both separately and in conjunction with the larger forces (heatsink /cooler) to ensure a successful operation. This may seem a bit dramatic, but there are lives at stake, the lives of your processors, and potentially your entire motherboard.


“Combining low thermal resistance with high conductivity, JunPus Freeze is the premium choice for enthusiasts looking to get the maximum overclock from their CPU, and supports the stability needed to push your system to its limit. The JunPus Freeze compound is ideal for use on all socket type CPU’s.”

Today we will be taking a look at JunPus's Freeze Extreme thermal conductivity compound. Lets find out if the Freeze holds up to its name or its just a summer breeze.