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Thermal Pad

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We make available for our clients a top-of-the-line range of Thermal Pad which is mainly used in electronic devices and heat sinks or product transfer interface between the enclosures. The combination of a tough carrier material such as fiberglass and thermally conductive silicone rubber which is conformable provides the engineer with a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease. Our product is known to be a special type of chemical that greatly improves heat transfer as well as the cooling of the processor. The combination of a tough carrier material such as fiberglass and thermally conductive silicone rubber which is conformable provides the engineer with a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease. Thermal Pad based on silica gel as a substrate, adding metal oxides and other auxiliary materials, a thermal conductivity of dielectric materials synthesized through a special process. The pads electrically isolate the semiconductor from the heat sink and have sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage. It is designed to take advantage of the design of the gap transfer heat production, able to fill the gap to complete the heat transfer between the heating part and cooling parts, and also played the role of insulation, cushioning, sealing, etc. It is able to meet the requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design, is an excellent thermal conductivity filler material whit highly technology use, and for a wide range of thickness. Our products also have high thermal stability that results in making them perform under severe conditions.

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Thermal compound is necessary to create a reliable transfer of heat from your computer's processor to its heatsink to keep your CPU from overheating. Junpus thermal compound does this with three unique shapes and sizes of pure silver particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer. It's optimized for use between modern high-power CPUs and high-performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions. 

Keep your CPU cool and running smoothly with JunPus JP-CL1 TIM Cleaning Wipes - the perfect solution for removing thermal paste and dirt from your components.

JunPus JP-CL1 TIM Cleaning Wipes offer a professional-grade cleaning solution for your computer components, helping to improve thermal performance and longevity.

Don't let dirt and grime impede your CPU's performance - JunPus JP-CL1 TIM Cleaning Wipes make it easy to clean and maintain your thermal paste for optimal heat dissipation.

specially designed to clean thermal paste and other residues that can impact your CPU's cooling ability.

World top class manufacturer of thermal conducting materials, JunPus, put out its latest unexampled-designed thermal grease named JP-DL700. Traced back to the original idea, the invention was to be applied to High-End CPU. After being tried by a wide range of client, this high-performance product was proved suitable for the application to High Bright LED thermal interface with high temperature.

JGS Graphite Sheet for LED lighting & Thin LCD 

1. Pre-Cut for different shape
2. Ultra high thermal conductivity
3. Easy to assembly 

JP-Dx1 Made with high-purity thermal conducting materials, JP-Dx1 exhibits excellent thermal conduction thanks to its finer molecular structure produced by nanoscale treatment. 

This product has the following superior properties such as high chemical stability, being non-corrosive, anti-oxidation, non-toxicity, non-volatility, non-flammability, and causing no irritation to human skin. It can withstand long-term storage, does not easily solidify, and can be readily implemented to the printing and coating process.

Product Name:Transparent PE Cartridges for Silicone Sealant
Product Intro:
Silicone Sealant Cartridge
For plastic and durable elastic sealants

Syringe barrel adapter assemblies

Our precision components provide safe and leak free fluid dispensing from syringe barrels. These air adapter assemblies attach one end to the syringe barrel and the other end to a pneumatic dispenser.

Hand held applicators

Syringe gun dispensers are designed for the controlled application of pastes, gels, adhesives and fluids. We offer our customers the most cost effective manual Syringe Gun dispensing systems. Our guns are covered by a one year warranty .

High performance dispensing barrels, pistons and caps

Syringe barrels that are are manufactured to the very highest possible quality delivering exceptional performance and consistency. From moulding to packaging, barrels are guaranteed to be free of silicone contaminants and imperfections. Air powered dispensers and syringe guns are all shipped with these high preformance barrels and wiper pistons.